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Pavlos’ Place is located at the South Coast of Crete, 55 kilometres south of Rethymno.


The Route :

No matter which airport you land at ( Chania or Heraklion), drive first towards Rethymnon city (approximately 1-hour drive), then from Rethymnon drive towards South, through the villages Armenoi, Miksorouma and Spili until you reach  Akoumia village and get through its narrow road following the only paved road that leads to Triopetra Beach (12 km away - 15

10 km after Akoumia, you will face the first big sign “Pavlos' Place – Triopetra” and, later, “Pension of Pavlos” leading you there and making sure that you won’t lose your way!


   GPS Coordinates   :   (x,y) : (550385,3885507)

Geographical Coordinates (in degrees, minutes, seconds) :

Latitude : 35ο 06’ 49’’    ,   Longitude : 024ο 33’ 16’’   .



Remember :

Pavlos’ Place is only a few steps away from the beach, and just above a small     harbor where the fishing boats of the locals are tied up.

In order to reach Triopetra Beach, you need either to rent a car or get a Taxi. Reaching Triopetra Beach by bus is not possible.


Suggestions :

If your vacations will last longer than a week, a good idea would be for you to rent a car for the period of your stay. In this way you will be more flexible to explore other beaches in the close area or visit some graphical villages.

Have in mind that a car (of small category) for one week costs the same as to what one will pay for a Taxi from the airport to Triopetra Beach and back!

You can come into contact with Giorgos, and he can help you by arranging a Taxi for you or arrange for you to find a car to rent at a reasonable price.