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Nowadays, there are still a few places on earth that insistently deny to follow the rhythms of the cities and remain oases for those who are in seek for something … different.

Triopetra Beach is one of such places, where time seems to have stopped!

 21     22

Dry landscape…pure nature…dominating sun and etesian wind…the sound of the cicadas and the noise of the sea prevailing…

 DSC00371     13

A place with a four-month Summer, two months of Spring and another two months of autumnal Spring.

6     21 A Winter Day     7-b

Pavlos’ Place is located at the Eastern Triopetra Beach, and despite the commands of nowadays’ evolution, it resists to the cosmopolitan demands and luxurious requirements of the modern Tourist Industry…

 View from the port     Building A + Terrace

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SONY DSC     View of Terrace in front of Building A

The beach is just a few steps away from Pavlos’ Place and the guests can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beach, with an invitingly crystal-clear sea for swimming, snorkeling or fishing.

Umbrellas and sunbeds are also offered, free of charge, to the guests of Pavlos’ Place.

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Nature in its purest form will surround you and prompt you to explore and admire its beauty.

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At the nearby area, there are no bars or any noisy night life, tranquility and quietness is guaranteed…