Group activities (e.g. yoga classes)

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Group activities (e.g. yoga classes)


The participants are advised to follow the basic hygiene instructions :


Use your personal hygiene items (e.g. towel, mattress, exercise accessories, etc).


Hall capacity : four people up to twenty sq.m. and one person per ten sq.m. for areas from twenty up to one hundred sq.m.


Obligatory distance > 2 m. among the participants.


The instructor  should wear a mask (simple surgical mask or multi-usage fabric mask).


Alternatively, the instructor should keep a distance of at least 3 m.  from the closest participant.


The hall should be freshened by natural air, if possible, during the lesson / session.


The hall is freshened, cleaned and disinfectioned in-between daily lessons / sessions.


It is advised that most activities take place in the outdoor area.