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Pavlos and his son Giorgos welcome you to their hotel, which they run, at the same decent level and hospitality, for over than 30 years.

Their aim is to keep the Place simple, pure and relaxing, and for this reason they refer to escapists and individuals who are in search of simplicity, quietness, contact with the nature and tasteful cuisine for their vacations.

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Pavlos' Place consists of 18 rooms (with two or three beds), each one with its own bathroom with a shower,a small fridge, an air-condiiton and mosquito screens to all rooms for a relaxed and enjoyable sleep. All rooms have a balcony with a view straight to the Libyan sea.





It is considered to be a “policy” at Pavlos' Place that there is no television IN the rooms. A couple of books is the only necessary accessory for this place.

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For the ones who want to keep in (small) touch with their work or friends, free Wi-Fi is provided all over our Place.

Pets are not allowed in the rooms.