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For precaution reasons and for the safety of the public health, the guests are advised to fill in the “Entrance Questionnaire”. The guests can fill in this form, just before their arrival (download HERE) or during their check-in (fill in the form provided at the reception desk). These files will be managed and stored according to the General Regulation for Protection of Personal Data.


The guests are kindly asked to avoid crowding at the reception desk, during your check-in / check-out.


The time between check-out and check-in of different guests, changes. The minimum duration is set at 4 hours. Indicatively : check-in 11:00 and check-out 15:00.


The change over this time duration between every check-in and check-out, is mandatory in order to ensure that between the stay of different guests, the room is sufficiently cleaned and disinfected, and it is adequately freshened by natural air.


It is also strongly suggested to the guests, to  have their room freshened by natural air, as often as possible.


Entrance to the room by people other than those staying in it, is not allowed.


The room will not be cleaned during the stay of a guest, unless requested otherwise by the guest, at least 24 hours before.


Change of towels and linen will be made only after such request by the guest.


Cleaning and sanitising protocols are used to clean guest rooms with particular attention to high-touch items such as remote controllers, toilet seats, door and furniture handles, light switches, luggage racks and garbage bins.