27 July – 03 August, Summer Yoga Retreat with Tara Sullivan

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27 July – 03 August 2024

Yoga Retreat with Tara Sullivan

Retreat Details

Summer Retreat
Triopetra, Crete
With Tara Sullivan and team

registration and questions: tara@tara-sullivan.com

or phone/whatsapp +49 0177 8672506

Come to Your Senses

When is it?

We begin Saturday, 27 July, 2024, with dinner, and stay until Saturday, 3 August, 2024, with breakfast.

What is it about? What will we do?

Yoga is sometimes associated with asceticism, a rejection of the sensual world. World religions have advocated forms of this for millennia. The Christian abnegation of the body, Descartes’ assertion, “I think, therefore I am”, and puritanical religious fundamentalism have all contributed to a widely-viewed cultural notion that sensory enjoyment is at odds with spiritual attainment.

Pratyahara, the fifth limb of yoga in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, is often interpreted as “withdrawal” of the senses, a type of non-reactivity or disinterest in the sensual experience. Another interpretation is “recovery” of the senses. Deep exploration of the body-mind in all its richness and complexity could be a move towards refining the senses to the highest level of subtlety and delight. Clear and deeply felt experiences of life through the body can be a high expression of the soul and a way to connect with the most profound qualities of life. For all of human history, beauty has been associated with divinity, and the direct experience of objective reality can be Yoga.

The Vedic concepts of Purusha and Prakriti, spirit and nature, are also known as the Enjoyer and the Enjoyed. Sri Brahmananda Sarswati wrote, “Without feeling, knowing and thinking would be impossible.”

Asana practice calls me to perceive my body with greater clarity and understanding, and indeed learn to feel and sense more. As I explore and guide my breath in specific ways, I become more attuned to how it feels, and how the experience of breathing is connected to my movement, my thoughts, my emotions, and my entire being. In meditation practice, I become aware on an even finer level of the connections between my thoughts, breath, and body, and can guide myself to a level of delicate body awareness in which I experience profound movements of energy and consciousness. I have the experience of seeing my emotions clearly and the ability to be less controlled by them.

During the retreat, we will sing mantra together, practice asana (in the Jivamukti style), pranayama, meditation, and explore concepts and practices from more contemporary somatic work such as the Alexander technique, natural vision improvement, and breathing as outlined in the book Breath by James Nestor. In this intimate setting, we will be able to accommodate all experience levels in a tailored way, so please don’t think that you are not “advanced” enough for a yoga retreat.

Can I bring my partner, who doesn’t practice yoga? What about my child?
You are warmly invited to bring your partner, friend, family, or whoever might like to accompany you to a magical place for a relaxing week out of time. We will provide childcare support during the morning yoga sessions for children able to swim and independent enough to go with a group; this is an individual decision we can make together so please get in touch. My child is coming and is looking forward to some friends with whom he can enjoy the week. The morning sessions will be for practitioners only, but everyone is welcome in the evening sessions which will be more varied and purposefully inclusive.

Where is the retreat?

Pavlos’ Place, Triopetra Beach, Crete

There are still a few places on earth that resist following the rhythms of the cities and remain oases for those who are in search of something different. Triopetra Beach is one such places, where time seems to have stopped. Dry landscape, pure nature, dominating sun, and Etesian wind, the sound of the cicadas and the noise of Homer’s wine-dark sea prevails. The beach is just a few steps away from Pavlos’ Place, and you can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beach with an invitingly crystal-clear sea for swimming or snorkeling. Nature in its purest form will surround you and prompt you to explore and admire its beauty. The yoga shala rests on the top of the building, with endless sea views and both indoor and outdoor space for practice.

What is the cost?
For one week of accommodation, all delicious meals, and full participation in the yoga and somatics program:

Triple room €1120
Double room €1225
Single room €1375

€800 for accompanying adults (without yoga program) or kids aged 12 and up
€400 children 3-11
Children under 2 are free of charge

Your reservation is made by paying the retreat fee.
You may reserve your spot with a non-refundable deposit of €200; the remainder must be paid before 1st May, 2024.
Early birds: pay in full before 15 February, 2024 and save €50 off the above fees
Payment is possible by:
Direct bank transfer from your European bank
Wise, from your bank outside of Europe
Paypal, kindly with Friends and Family option

You will be responsible for all travel costs to and from the retreat venue, but we are happy to help with coordination and sharing helpful resources. We will do our best to connect participants to share either rental cars or taxis from the airport, so please do let us know your travel plans as they develop.

Questions or to register, please email tara@tara-sullivan.com
The program language will be English.

Arrival and Departure as well as trips on location are to be booked individually and not included in the price.

Schedule (times are approximate):
Arrival day, check-in, dinner and introductions
Full days: practice from 8:30-11:30h
13h brunch, afternoon break
Evening session 18:30-20:30h,
20:30h dinner
Departure day, breakfast and check-out

Your sign-up deposit holds your spot at the retreat and is non-refundable unless the entire retreat is cancelled.

Cancellation Policy
Unless you find a replacement the following applies:
For cancellations made prior to 1 May, the full fee less non-refundable deposit of €200 will be refunded.
After 1 May, no refund will be made if you cancel, arrive late or leave early.
All cancellations must be made in writing prior to the above dates.
If there is a waiting list with another person able to take the cancelled place a full refund will be made, less the depot of €200.

CANCELLATION OF THE RETREAT ITSELF: In case the completion of the retreat becomes economically unreasonable or impossible or too dangerous (e.g. in case of too few participants, force majeure, war or epidemics), we reserve the right to cancel the retreat in which case we will refund your payments for the retreat but are not responsible for costs you incurred due to pre-booking travel arrangements (like flights). We do not foresee this happening, but nonetheless strongly suggest you purchase travel insurance when you purchase your flights.