13 – 19 September , with Lizzie Lasater

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Restorative Retreat with Lizzie Lasater

(13 - 19 September 2017)


A few months from now your plane lands on the north coast of Crete and the air feels warm and fresh as you exit the airport. Across the street you pick up a small rental car and drive along the ocean road with an expanding feeling of freedom. Turning south you climb up over the ancient mountains and wind down toward the wild southern coast, leaving everything you don’t need behind.

Awaiting you is a week of Restorative yoga. Diving into the wisdom of minimalism, the days will be filled with movement and sun, healing and nourishment, pleasure and silence.

The mornings are for movement: practicing active yoga to open and prepare for stillness.
After a tasty vegetarian lunch, you’ll have a few hours to yourself. Go for a swim, explore the town, read a book, take a nap, lie by the ocean – anything that feeds your heart.
The evening sessions are devoted to support: practicing Restorative yoga to move into meditation and silence.
Then dinner on the terrace, stargazing and sleep.

This week you will discover the powerful paradox of Restorative yoga: by giving yourself the gift of deep rest, you return to your life with more energy for family, work and creativity.

Arrival Day: 13.9.2017
Program: 14. – 18.9.2017
Departure Day: 19.9.2017


Lizzie Lasater

Lizzie Lasater is passionate about sharing with her students the transformative nature of Restorative Yoga — empowering them to use the practice to cultivate stillness, train their intuition, and find joy in the midst of our ever accelerating urban lives.

Yoga is the family business. Lizzie Lasater often jokes that she’s been doing yoga “since the womb” because her mother, Judith Hanson Lasater, is co-founder of Yoga Journal Magazine and has been teaching yoga for 40+ years. Raised in San Francisco, California, Lizzie spent her childhood summers at yoga retreats around the world, usually playing outside and making too much noise during Shavasana.

Lizzie holds a Masters degree in design from Columbia University – and sells a line of original “made in India” jewelry. She and her Austrian husband spend time in India each year, where she immerses herself in the radical beauty of silence.


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