03 Nov. – 01 Dec. , One Month Of Learning

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The Free Life Emersion 2018

One Month Of Learning

(03 November - 01 December 2018)



*Emerse: characteristic of an aquatic plant reaching above the surface of the water

A unique, DONATION BASED month of learning, sharing and learning to share.

Join many inspiring scholars, magicians, dancers, musicians, and mainly loving, kind beings.








As the dominant culture of marketing, consumerism and capital has drastically changed the levels of how we perceive reality and what has social priority, how and why we communicate, what we feel is essential and important for our individual and collective well-being and for the equilibrium of life itself on earth, we come together in the spirit of the ancient human traditions of learning, sharing and passing on essential knowledge and wisdom, playfulness and integrity.

Our aim is to gather a group of inspiring beings, committed to life, to mutually share and learn, so that we may experience the truth of collective sensitivity, creativity and sensuality, in order to plant seeds of integrity, awareness and compassion to grow into an alternative way of dealing with the everyday challenges and blessings of life.

Our approach will be essentially human and will both involve and evolve with the spirit.  Be it through the modalities of yoga, music, dance, arts, shamanism, magic or touch – we humans have an ancient connection with spirit, and we can find that spirit through rediscovering and learning ancient ways that were practiced before we had grown so far away from our root.  we need to connect with that root in order to understand our spiritual growth and the inspiring, positive and healing direction that it could take.  All price-tags on yoga or so called “certificates” are illusionary and misleading, since they can’t show the real value of experience or integrity.

In this gathering we will emerge the treasures of that ancient wisdom with a dynamic approach to move into the world with an attitude of compassion and respect, strong but subtle. Instead of investing in the competition of capitalistic lifestyles we envision to contribute to societies in which we can prosper and blossom through both social equanimity and responsibility and the understanding that the offering of individual diversity contributes to an overall balance when we don’t feel we need to compete for a hierarchy of powers.

We will learn to practice in various ways to connect with the universal divine alignment. When you know your practice (yoga, meditation, music, movement, breath) and you experience the depth of it (nothing you can read in a book) you know what you will have to share, and how. It is not the idea or the ideology, not the name or the label, but the truth of your experience, which is the same for all beings, expressed in the infinite ways of life.

We are very happy to be provided with the possibility to offer this month in Crete – home to ancient Greek goddess Demeter (Dimitra) which is mother earth, and mythological birthplace of Zeus. As those archetypes of female/male energies are connected to this island, we feel blessed to come together in that spirit and to pay attention to what the universe is telling us throughout all times: We are one, and we need to remember it and participate harmoniously in all of the possible ways that we have available to us which facilitate the realization of that oneness.

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Petros Haffenrichter: Yoga, Music, Philosophy, Meditation, Breath

Mark Whitwell: Heart of Yoga, Tantra, Philosophy

Prof. Klaus Loenhard: Organic Architectures, Sustainable Communities

Erhard Dengl: Music, Rhythm, Meditation, Philosophy

Andrew Eppler: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Magic, Breath, Bodywork, Philosophy

Martyna Eder: Yoga, Animal Rights, Networking

Denis Ozlem: Bodywork, Healing

Libby Love: Yoga, Music, Philosohpy

Anastasis Zorba: Yoga, Dance, Ostheopathy, Bodywork, Philosophy

Pavlos & Cretan Local Crew: Sustainable Gardening, Cooking, Pottery, Instrument Building, Painting, Knowledge of Herbs, Natural Stone Building


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